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"Embrace The Suck" - I agree that at first glance this statement seems a bit strange. However, it originally started as a military phrase, which means, “The situation is really, really, really bad, but deal with it anyway.” It’s part of the warrior slang that came out of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 


Through the past 18 months, it has taken on a form of meaning more than just "Deal with it". Instead - lean in or press into it even more. 


Vulnerabilty is the core of shame, fear and worthiness. It is also the birthplace of Joy, Creativity, Belonging & Love. - Brene Brown


Vulnerabilty sucks... but without it, you can't find some of the other pleasures of a heart filled life. 

Almost every GOOD or BEAUTIFUL thing in your life will probably come after something really hard. So stop fighting it and instead embrace it. There's something good waiting on the other side. 

Embrace The Suck - Wristband

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