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God, People & FUn.

Hi, I'm Lawrence. My friends and family call me Law. My work &  lacrosse family refers to me as LJ, but the truth is, I'll answer to any one of those names so... you pick!

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I am a Son saved by grace. I enjoy music, writing, and having fun with the people I'm with. 

I enjoy meeting new people, hearing new stories and enjoying a nice coffee in the process. Yes, I said a "nice coffee" so that automatically disqualifies Starbucks from the conversation. (Don't @ me about this... it's the truth. Be offended)


I am passionate about loving God, loving People and having Fun! A few of my dreams are; to start a Non-profit organization that connects businesses to local ministries in their area, to own a coffee shop and use it as an opportunity to give second chances to people who aren't perfect, and to become a public speaker in the areas of Family, Finances & Freedom. 

I am a leader. I am a follower. I am strong.

I am @TheLawSpeaks. 

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